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With the development of hypoxia, oxygen therapy is necessary, with the development of pulmonary hypertension, the use of vasodilators. The development of infections or purulent complications requires the prescription of antibacterial and antifungal drugs, depending on the sensitivity of dostinex pills. Patients with interstitial lung disease are closely monitored at all times. When taking cytostatics duringDuring the first month, you must take a general urine test every week. The analysis is then repeated once every 2–4 weeks. When using Cyclophosphamide, a urine test is necessary to take cabergoline pills.

With timely diagnosis and early treatment, the disease can progress slowly, without developing complications. But in severe cases, the presence of concomitant pathology or inadequate therapy, pulmonary and extrapulmonary complications of the disease are possible. The outcome of pneumonia depends on the prevalence of the pathological process, the presence of complications, the timing of initiation of therapy and the condition of the body. Clinical improvement and stabilization of patients' condition during treatment is observed in 70% of cases, and in 30% patients have a ten-year survival rate.

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Most cases of lymphocytic and cryptogenic organizing pneumonia have a favorable prognosis. With a critical decrease in gas exchange processes and the development of severe respiratory failure, the prognosis is unfavorable. Maintenance therapy is carried out. With the development of pneumosclerosis and cardiovascular failure, life expectancy is 3–5 years.

We offer you to watch a video on the topic of the article. Infectious endocarditis is an inflammatory process of infectious origin that affects the inner lining of the heart (endocardium), which lines its chambers and valves. The incidence of infective endocarditis, according to buy dostinex online, ranges from 3 to 10 cases per 100,000 population. Women get sick half as often as men. For the development of infective endocarditis, a combination of several factors is necessary.

Patients with the lymphoid form of pneumonia are regularly vaccinated against influenza and pneumococcal infection. The cause of transient bacteremia usually lies in a source of chronic infection in the body or in the performance of invasive (that is, damage to the integrity of the skin) medical procedures. The most common causative agent of the subacute form of infective endocarditis is viridans streptococcus. An acute form of cabergoline pills can be caused. Infectious endocarditis caused by fungal infection, anaerobic and gram-negative pathogens is very difficult. Fungal endocarditis is caused by long-term antibiotic therapy or a catheter left in the vein for a long time.